Over 750 people were removed from Los Cabos beaches on the weekend


Erick Santillán, Municipal Director of Civil Protection, stated in an interview for Al Cabo Noticias that in Los Cabos the confinement and social restrictions continue until May 30, however, there is practically a complete relaxation by the population, which is why they continue making the tours in beaches and neighborhoods, in addition to the random filters that continue in Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, he pointed out.


Erick Santillán reported that during these tours businesses have been noticed and closed, construction works have been stopped, about 750 people have withdrawn from the beaches; and indicated that young people are the ones who most neglect the measures, minors without adult supervision, who gather on sports fields and fields.

En una semana 4,000 personas fueron a playas y presas ...

Unfortunately, Santillán indicated, the results of the relaxation that took place on April 30 were noted this weekend as many cases of contagion occurred and will continue to occur in the next two or three days, the same thing that will happen after May 25. for the relaxation of Mother’s Day, he warned.

On the other hand, Erick Santillán assured, a wrong decision when reactivating the economy could impact with such a strong blow that it would damage the tourism sector 100% and lengthen the quarantine and the recovery could possibly take place until August or September, he stressed.

Source: cabomil.com.mx

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