Mazatlan businesses ask why only beer and alcohol location allowed to open


The Chamber of Commerce questions the guidelines of the authorities and will propose that all businesses can open from June 1, with restrictions

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The president of Canaco Servytur Sinaloa Sur, Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, highlighted that with the end of the Dry Law the economy of some businesses may be reactivated. However, he questioned the authority’s guidelines by not allowing other types of businesses to also open up to the consumer.

'¿Por qué nada más pueden abrir los que venden cerveza y otros giros no?’: cuestiona Canaco

“We see it as positive that Mazatlán’s economy is really reopening, but we also say ‘hey, why can’t those who other products open?”

“As a chamber, we ask the authorities what is the guideline they take to say ‘these turns may or may not open,'” said the president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Sandoval Gaxiola mentioned that, in this regard, this business body has a proposal so that all lines of business begin to open gradually from June 1.

“We bring a proposal so that they can open all businesses from June 1, but with 30 percent of their work capacity or occupation in sales, but gradually increasing them.”

“For example, restaurants are already operating at 40 percent with all health protocols. Why not allow the person who sells clothing, the person who sells footwear, the person who sells stationery, to start working with 30 percent per week – based on the Civil Protection reviews or based on how the curve is handled of the pandemic – we can raise it to 40 or 50 percent; that is the proposal that we as Canaco have, that really reactivates the economy now, ”explained the businessman.


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