Long lines to buy beer in La Paz and Los Cabos


It was reported that a new shipment of beer from the Modelo company had arrived when several cargo trucks got off the ferry at the Pichilingue terminal.

Witnesses of this quickly followed the trucks that arrived at the main storage facility of the brewery company located on the streets of Abasolo and Colosio.

There were long lines of customers who had been looking for several days to buy beer that was rationed in some places, such as supermarkets, and in others, it was definitely not available.

On the black market, beer cans priced at 40 to 50 pesos each.
Today, “Victoria” and “Modelo Especial” beers are on sale at a price of 15 pesos per can.

However, after six hours it was reported that the inventory had decreased and again a shortage of beer was declared in La Paz and Los Cabos.

Source: californiahoyusa.com

The Mazatlan Post