Mazatlan’s Pesca Azteca uses recycling as an option to make its processes sustainable


Pesca Azteca uses recycling as an option to make its processes sustainable

* Thanks to an elaborate process they managed to convert 8 tons of rope into trash cans

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Pesca Azteca, a leading company in the tuna industry, manages that 8 tons of rope used in its fishing work, which were previously disposed of as urban solid waste, become garbage cans that help its correct separation. This was done as part of an environmental project aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This work is aligned with the company’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact, where projects such as Start-Stop put on their boats to reduce their CO2 emissions and Blue Flag where they perform beach cleanings, take a fundamental role as part of their business objectives.

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Likewise, Pesca Azteca has a comprehensive waste management plan in which they ensure the good management of these, from their generation to their final disposal through authorized suppliers. They integrate sustainable development into their business philosophy, clearly expressing their environmental values, principles, and commitments, making them known to their collaborators and other stakeholders.

The project was carried out with the help of OLA Mexico where they carry out the separation, cleaning, and packaging of the material, and then take it to the Inplarsa recycling plant where, after a laborious process, they obtain the final product, which is trash cans.

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It is known that the consumption of products made with recycled materials has a lower impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, they fulfill the same or better function than a non-recycled product and reach the same or better quality and satisfaction quotas for the user.

With this, Pesca Azteca is heading towards its 2020 objective of using recycling as an option to make our processes sustainable.


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