Not even kayaking is allowed on beaches of Los Cabos


The people who carried out fishing tasks were removed in a Sana Distancia operation by COVID-19.

Cabo San Lucas (CSL), Baja California Sur.- The mobility restrictions to procure the minimum rate of COVID-19 infections in the municipality of Los Cabos promote that practically the entire community stays at home. As difficult and annoying as these measures represent, health experts have confirmed that avoiding any activity outside the home with two or more people is a risk factor for contracting the new Coronavirus. 

These measures include not going to the beaches for any reason and there is no justification for any type of activity on any beach in the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor. However, the confusion over whether it is authorized to carry out fishing work for family support has caused several people to go with fishing gear and small boats to fish. 

This occurred in the vicinity of El Tule Beach, on the border of San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, where a group of people were located in kayaks, who allegedly carried out fishing work. The fishermen had to be informed that said action is not allowed as part of the measures of the Sana Distancia Day, who proceeded to withdraw. 

Given this, the entire community of the municipality of Los Cabos is invited not to visit any beach in the tourist destination while the mobility restriction lasts and thus avoid COVID-19 infections; For people interested in going fishing, it is necessary to inform that only those who have a sea book and a fishing permit are authorized, and they must inform the corresponding Harbor Master. This is for all types of boats.


The Mazatlan Post