In Puerto Vallarta, they fear the arrival of tourist during this long weekend holiday



Departure to Colima from Guadalajara today. / Facebook.

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Puerto Vallarta

It is a long weekend holiday, in ordinary time this Friday people who usually have a job, enjoy a day off because it is May 1, Labor Day, and take advantage of the date to go and enjoy a beach or a tourist destination.

Due to the pandemic, the long holiday for labor day this 2020 apparently does not mean anything, since everyone is in quarantine, at home, serving up to a month in forced work stoppage. However, from very early hours, reports of cars have been circulating saturating the exits of Guadalajara.

The only video that really circulates is that of a man who records the exit from Lop.ez Mateos Sur, which leads directly to the highway towards Colima.

However, many already fear that many people are relaxing the measures of healthy distance and social isolation, to take a few days of recreation in towns and beaches of the state, so that the sanitary filters entrances to the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta, are on high alert.

The authorities urge citizens to report any tourist activity to 911 since the National Sana Distancia Day is still in force, which will be held in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas until the 30th of this month, which is why until then, the beaches are closed.


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