Veracruz beaches look cleaner and more crystalline in the absence of tourism


Veracruz .- Given the lack of activities in tourist areas and public places, as well as the lack of people outside the home, nature shines in all its splendor.


The change has been very noticeable and more on the beaches because they look more crystalline, clean, turquoise, and more beautiful.

The absence of tourists on the beaches of the Port due to the little or no influx of people derived from the health contingency

Different photographs of the Veracruz beaches have been shared on social networks and have gone viral, and have even been confused with the waters of the Caribbean.

It should be noted that the city council implemented an operation since Easter to prevent tourists from reaching the jarochas beaches, blocking streets, and making tours with security and Civil Protection elements in the area.

The place where you can see the turquoise blue water is one of the most commonly visited by locals and visitors, however, now they look practically empty.

In the neighboring municipality of Boca del Río, operations have also been implemented to prevent people from reaching the beaches, and those who do are invited to withdraw from the area as part of prevention measures in the face of the current pandemic.

Elements of the Mexican Navy and National Guard also participate in the operations.


The Mazatlan Post