Sinaloa Governor delivers patrols units to reinforce surveillance and containment of the Covid-19


Sinaloa Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel delivered 50 new patrols to the Ministry of Public Security, which will be used, in addition to normal surveillance tasks, to support containment measures in the face of the Covid-19 health emergency.

From the Government Palace and through a live broadcast on his social networks, the state president made the symbolic delivery of the units, in which 35 million pesos were invested, accompanied by the state secretary of Public Security, Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo; and by the state secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas Torres.

“These new patrols are not only going to reinforce security, but everything related to sanitary filters, security outside of hospitals, will be of great support and endorsement, and what we are looking for is having all the tools to protect more people, protect you more, “he said.

Ordaz Coppel took the opportunity to refer to what happened yesterday, because on the occasion of the Children’s Day celebration, thousands of people left their houses and mainly packed stores selling pizza and cakes, as revealed in many videos that were released on social networks, and that he regretted that this happened, because right now he is in very critical days, with a higher risk of contagion.

“Yesterday, April 30, Children’s Day, something that has always been very special but this occasion is different due to the circumstances we are experiencing, many people did not respect and went out on the streets, to the patisseries, to the pizzas, They did not take care of the distance, and it generated a lot of concern because it seemed that nothing was happening, that we had overcome this incidence, and no, we are in Phase 3 and these days are the most at risk, “Ordaz said.

He recalled that Culiacán is among the first five cities in the country that have the highest concentration of infections and unfortunately of deaths.

“We need to make a very important, extra effort, I have told you, but today more than ever, of protection, of staying at home, of taking with all the seriousness and conscience that implies the risk of the most important thing that we have: our health, not only yours but also your loved ones ”, he stressed.

For this reason, he reiterated once again the call to stay at home, leave what is strictly necessary, and on the part of the government, support measures such as sanitary filters will be reinforced.

“I know that we are going to get ahead, but we need your and everyone’s cooperation, this is an individual effort, I trust the people of Sinaloa very much,” he said.


Noting that the most critical days are coming, when there should be no relaxation in the measures to mitigate the risks of contagion of the coronavirus, Ordaz Coppel reiterated that the prohibition for the sale of alcoholic beverages throughout Sinaloa remains in force.

“We are going to maintain all the actions, such as the Dry Law, because critical days are also coming, in which we have to be very careful, to keep ourselves,” he said.

He stated that “if yesterday people went out on Children’s Day, the risk on Mother’s Day is greater, being at the most serious, sensitive and delicate moment here in Sinaloa”, referring to the Covid case register -19.

The so-called “Dry Law” came into effect on Monday, April 13 by the decision of the Health Security Council, from which multiple events of social coexistence were reported and detected, with parties in private homes, increasing the risks of contagion.

In the cut to Thursday, Sinaloa registers a total of 869 infected people, of which 506 are active patients, 221 people have recovered, and, unfortunately, 142 have died, according to the latest platform update.


The Mazatlan Post