Mass grave dug in Guanajuato as “preventive measure”


Guanajuato, Mexico.- Public Works of the Guanajuato municipality is building a large grave in the pantheon of Santa Teresa, in which authorities plan to bury the remains of unidentified people who die of Covid-19.

The municipal government, headed by Mayor Alejandro Navarro, said that the “preventive mass grave” is being prepared under a preventive action scheme that visualizes the lethal impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mass grave under construction in Guanajuato (Photo: El Universal)

The mega grave will also be able to receive the bodies of families who do not have the resources to pay for a space in a graveyard.

“By way of prevention, the Municipal Government of Guanajuato built this space to bury unidentified remains of patients whose death derives from respiratory complications caused by the coronavirus or whose families cannot afford a burial,” Navarro said.

Guanajuato Mayor Alejandro Navarro

“The size of the grave was endorsed by studies of the Municipal Council of Civil Protection; and it observes the technical measures necessary to eradicate any risk”, the official said.

In a statement, he pointed out that with this action, the capital’s government joins the list of municipalities that act in anticipation of the drastic rise in infections and hospital admissions.

Source: El Universal

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