Mayor of Puerto Peñasco delivers first rapid tests for COVID-19


Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.- The mayor Kiko Munro reported that in order to declare Puerto Peñasco a municipality free of coronavirus, COVID-19, the first 400 rapid tests were delivered to detect this disease.

The president of Puerto Peñasco revealed that another 2,000 more tests are on the way, which will begin to be used tentatively this week, to reaffirm the work to keep this municipality healthy.

Kiko Munro explained that the first 400 exams will be free and will be applied to people in Peñasco who present any symptom compatible with coronavirus, in order to channel suspicious cases in a more timely manner to their hospital care.

He added that the other 2,000 tests, which are about to arrive, which will have a symbolic cost, are intended to be applied in the Peñasco-Sonoyta access filter of the sanitary fence, for any person, asymptomatic or symptomatic, who wishes to enter and check that it is not contaminated with the pandemic.

In all cases, he explained, the rapid tests will be applied by the Red Cross First Response Unit COVID-19, and in the case of those that will be used in the sanitary access filter, it will be that well-known institution that will charge the cost. of the test, to generate a revolving fund that serves to continue acquiring more of these exams.

“We make the first investment and make it available to the Red Cross, and they will be practicing those tests on those who wish to enter the municipality, either because they were outside the sanitary fence even when they are residents; but also to that visit that, even, intends to come to Puerto Peñasco to vacation and do it safely, because with the test they will be able to demonstrate that they do not have the presence of the virus, ”he explained.

Kiko Munro added that these rapid tests will aim to be applied in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses in the tourism industry so that their employees can do it and thus guarantee that they are not infected.

He stressed that the objective is for Puerto Peñasco to be declared a COVID-19 free municipality, and that is why these strategies are applied, which have proven to be effective in other parts of the world.

The municipal president said he ignores whether other municipalities in Sonora are also using rapid tests for coronavirus detection, but without a doubt, it is something that will help to reactivate the economic activity that is so necessary in a scientific and safe way. returns for the citizens of the Peñasque port.

He announced that this Tuesday, in a virtual meeting with Governor Claudia Pavlovich and other mayors of the entity, in which these prevention and control systems will be reported, in addition to the fact that, due to the low level of coronavirus in the municipality, it will be proposed that allow to gradually release economic and school activities, to name a few, starting, if possible, the first week of May.

“This decision does not depend on me, but I believe that we have sacrificed ourselves and have made the effort, government, and society, to maintain order, control, public health and, therefore, we deserve that consideration to restore daily life with the normality to which we are accustomed, “he stressed.

Kiko Munro said that every day that Puerto Peñasco passes is closer to the release of this health emergency and closer to achieving the goal of having as few cases as possible and, with this, aspire to the possibility of passing this pandemic without any death, to confirm that Peñasco stands out for working together, society and government.

Óscar Castro Castro, head of the Municipal Health Coordination, stated that the arrival of the rapid tests for the COVID-19 coronavirus represents safety and tranquility for Puerto Peñasco.

He made it clear that by having these tests, it is certain which patients should be attended; It can be confirmed that the cases already healed and their contacts are free of the virus; and, in addition, the possibility of beginning to allow residents to enter the port who have not been able to do so.

Present: Oscar Castro Castro, municipal coordinator of Health, Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruíz, municipal director of Civil Protection, Guadalupe Lazaro, deputy coordinator of the Red Cross Puerto Peñasco.


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