Playa del Carmen INM office will have limited operations


René Medrano Ríos Domenzain, representative of the INM in Playa del Carmen, confirmed that they will only serve tourists stranded by the contingency

Activities within the Playa del Carmen offices continue to provide service to foreigners who were stranded in the Riviera Maya due to the health contingency caused by Covid-19, the office of the Under-representation of the National Institute of Migration announced, through its director René Medrano Ríos Domenzain.

  • “As you can see, the influx of users to these offices is really minimal, we maintain ourselves and we are constantly pointing out to users the social distancing, the healthy distance they must maintain and also guiding them because there are many situations in which there is a lack of information, actually right now we are only working within the offices, the eminently necessary questions and the question of orientation, ordinary procedures are suspended, based on an agreement, “he said.
 René Medrano Ríos Domenzain.

And while ordinary immigration procedures are suspended until May 4, those tourists who remained stranded in Playa del Carmen will have the opportunity to extend the extension process only if the end of their multiple immigration form occurred between January 30 and April 30, they must approach Immigration to carry out their procedure at no cost.

  • “Unfortunately, misinformation attacks us all, here it is directly common to your consulate, the foreigner has to refer to your consulate, in case you do not find your consulate we can help to try to put you in contact with your consul, because he is also The same thing happens with the representations in Mexico, they are closed, what you point out does not fall into our functions, but the question of humanity, human rights and respect for the dignity of people, forces us to put them in contact with their consuls that correspond to them, “he commented.

To conclude, and regarding those foreigners who died in the Riviera Maya, he invited the relatives to carry out the repatriation procedures directly with their consulate and, if necessary, request the mediation of the INM in the event that the diplomatic representation is closed due to the contingency. .  


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