Video: Banxico launches new 20-peso coin with security elements


Banco de México puts into circulation a new 20-peso coin that commemorates the founding of Veracruz. We present to you the emotional launch video.

The Banco de Mexico began circulating the new currency twenty pesos, whose design is commemorating the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city and port of Veracruz.

Among the novelties is that, unlike the coins of the same denomination previously issued, this coin contains security elements. The design is smaller in diameter and has a linear frame. Furthermore, its weight is light.

Banxico announced that the currency is legal tender in the same way as other coins and notes. Therefore, it can be used to make any type of payment.

The reverse displays an engraving on the foundation of the Villa Rica de Veracruz in 1519. On one side, a 16th-century boat is shown on the waves of the sea. On the other side is the Old City Hall Palace, whose current function is that of the Municipal Palace.

On the building of the Old City Hall Palace appears the novel security element, the latent image with the numeral twenty. Above the boat, the micro text “500 Veracruz” appears, in addition to the “ Mo” seal, near the mint. Finally, on the perimeter and the nucleus the denomination $ 20.00 (twenty pesos) can be seen along with the years 1519-2019.


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