Peso remains stable and trades at $ 24.47 per dollar


The Mexican peso began the session on Thursday with a gain of 8 cents, when it was exchanged at 24.4760 for a wholesale dollar in the morning, in international operations, when observing some stability in the rest of the currencies and in the markets. financial, reports Notimex.

The dollar is sold this Thursday at the opening at retail bank windows in Banamex for 25.01 pesos, in Scotiabank for 25.00 pesos, in BBVA in 24.67, in Banorte at 24.75 and in Monex on 25.08.

Gabriela Siller, chief economist at Banco Base, explained that greater caution is observed among market participants, because although there are signs that the rate of advancement of the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to decline in Europe and the United States , economic information is also published that points to a severe economic recession.

“A few minutes ago, in the United States, the initial requests for unemployment support from the previous week were published, which stood at 4,427 million, indicating that in that economy about 26.45 million jobs have been lost in the last 5 weeks. . Therefore, it is likely that the unemployment rate during April is above 17.9%, levels not seen since the Great Depression, “stressed the economist.

The unemployment rate could be higher, as the supply shock caused by the pandemic has also discouraged job search, which will likely reduce the labor participation rate, he added.


The Mazatlan Post