Sinaloa exceed 500 infections by COVID-19 and 53 deaths


During the report on Coronavirus on Tuesday, the State Health Secretariat updated the number of registered cases of the virus in the entity

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Informative Reaction) .- Just like gunpowder, infections in the State of Sinaloa are spreading rapidly, because today, through the daily statement that Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres makes, the number of active patients rose to 521 infections and 53 deaths.

Today phase 3 was decreed in the pandemic caused by Covid-19, which means that infections will be greater and faster, which has been observed in particular in the state, since the numbers have been increasing every day considerably.

The number of recovered remains at 55 people, which in contrast to the number of deaths that is already 53, is somewhat worrying, that with regard to the deaths, today there were 4 more, which occurred in Culiacán. It should be mentioned that this is the municipality that has the most infections since the number of infected reaches 307 patients.

The second municipality is Ahome with 40 infections and Mazatlán remains third with 18 positive cases.

With respect to the rest of the municipalities of Sinaloa, Navolato already has 12 reported cases, in Guasave there are 8 official cases, Mocorito registers 5 and Badiraguato 6.

The municipalities with the lowest rate of infection are Cosala and Escuinapa with 2 cases respectively, and Elota and Rosario, which barely register 1 active patient each.

The authorities stress the importance of Sana Distancia practices and handwashing, as well as the use of disinfectants and face masks.


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