Hotels in Guaymas, Sonora close their doors due to health contingency


GUAYMAS, SONORA.- “Only six of the 21 hotels affiliated with the Guaymas-San Carlos Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), remain open to the public during this health contingency”, said Daisy Fernández, director of the OCV.

People in Guaymas standing in line without respecting healthy distance (Photo: Expreso)

These 6 hotels register an average occupancy of 5%, and the OCV is waiting to receive new instructions from the state government to close access to the beach, to avoid coronavirus contagion.

Unlike previous weeks, the absence of tourist activity in San Carlos is already notorious, and those who can be seen through the streets are only locals.

Meanwhile, the State Police checkpoint permanently installed on the Manlio Fabio Beltrones Boulevard, on the road to the Sonora Dolphinarium, seeks to stop those who want to take a walk in San Carlos, since the order is for everyone to stay at home.

Source: Expreso

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