Federal government pays 500 million pesos for a baseball stadium, what is the money being used for?


The federal government acquired the Héctor Espino Stadium for more than 500 million pesos and the money will be used for various actions.

The plan of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to establish baseball schools in the state of Sonora has already accomplished one of its objectives. This Thursday, authorities of the state confirmed the purchase of the Héctor Espino Stadium, the former home of the Naranjeros de Hermosillo professional baseball team.

In an interview with Reporte100, Luis Iribe Murrieta, Undersecretary of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance of Sonora, said that the federal government paid 511 million pesos for this property, through Banobras (National Bank of Public Works and Services).

The money of this sale will be used to support the Issste Sonora pension fund (the Institute of Security and Social Services for local State Workers).

“This is a proposal from the state government for the failed implementation of the compensation from the pension fund of the previous administration,” said the official.


The Mazatlan Post