Sanitary filters to be installed in Morelia, Michoacán


These filters will be reviewing the health conditions of people entering and leaving Morelia.

Morelia, Michoacán.- As part of the health measures that the municipal administration will take in the face of the contingency due to COVID-19 that is currently going on throughout the world, the municipal president of Morelia, Raúl Morón Orozco announced that starting this Friday, April 17, sanitary filters will be placed at all entrances to the state capital.

Morón Orozoco recognized that all the municipalities in the country act according to what is dictated by the federal health authorities, taking into account what is best for each of their areas, which is why they act depending on their specific needs.

The municipality said that most of the Morelians have acted responsibly by staying at home and taking care of measures such as using face masks, antibacterial gel and social distancing.

It should be remembered that according to information provided by the state Health Secretariat, so far the capital of Michoacán has 25 positive cases of COVID-19, in addition to one death.

Source: Contramuro

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