Faced with lower supply and a strong US dollar, air tickets’ prices rise


By reducing the supply of their flights and by the rise in the US dollar exchange rate, the airlines are offering air tickets up to 30% more expensive than a month ago.

The prices of available seats increase in line with the reduction of seats abroad and on domestic routes, so airlines have had to set caps so that the algorithms that are responsible for setting prices on online reservations are not elevated too much.

As reported by NITU.mx, the airlines have left close to 90% of their fleet on land, to adjust to the demand that for obvious reasons of the global pandemic has been reduced to a minimum, according to consulted sources, the fleet is reduced until the flights they operate are practically full.

According to the experts’ considerations, if the airlines do not receive help from the governments of their countries, it is likely that many will go bankrupt after the end of the pandemic.

It has been a common denominator in many parts of the world that to alleviate finances, employees are asked for breaks without pay, as is the case with Volaris in Mexico.

The reduction of flights in large destinations such as Cancun is almost 85%, so the operation has been reduced, in Cancun, starting on Saturday, only one of four terminals will be in charge of managing all demand.

Source: NITU

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