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Video: Group of hitmen crash their car into a motorcyclist Killing Him In Mexico City

  • Emir Vázquez was beaten by three men Sunday in Mexico City after one of them accelerated deliberately rammed their vehicle into the victim’s motorcycle
  • The attackers, identified as Fernando, Clemente C, and Francisco Ángel C each took turns in hitting Vázquez with a machete, pipe and kicking his head
  • Vázquez was rushed by an ambulance to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead
  • The three suspects where arrested shortly after the incident and remain in custody of the Mexico City police 

This is the disturbing moment a group of hitmen mowed down a motorcyclist and hacked him to death in broad daylight while bystanders looked on.

A Mexico City surveillance camera recorded the men’s vehicle slowly pulling out of a parking space and trailing Emir Vázquez as he sped down a street in the Gustavo A. Madero borough on Sunday morning.

Suddenly the car accelerated and rear-ended the 30-year-old biker before crashing into a parked car.


Emir Vázquez was lying on the ground on the ground while three men took turns beating him with a machete and a metal pipe moments after one of the suspects rammed their vehicle into the 30-year-old man’s motorcycle Sunday in Mexico City. Vázquez was transported to a local hospital where he later died the same day. All three suspects have been arrested

Mexican news outlet C4Noticias identified the attackers as Fernando, Clemente C and Francisco Ángel C (all circled)

Bystanders were caught on video looking just watching Emir Vázquez  (pictured lying on the ground) get beaten by three men and never attempted to stop them despite the suspects being armed with a machete and steel pipe

The gang, who was identified Mexican news outlet C4Noticias as Fernando, 59;  Clemente C, 33; and Francisco Ángel C, 42, subsequently unleashed a barbaric attack on the defenseless man.

Two of the three suspects took turns hitting Vázquez him with a machete and steel pipes while another kicked repeatedly kicked him in the head a dozen or so people watched up close. 

The suspects could be seen walking away from the scene as blood streamed from the Vázquez’s face. 

An ambulance later arrived and transported Vázquez to Balbuena Hospital, where he was declared dead due to the injuries suffered in the assault.

All three suspects, who were in possession of narcotics, were arrested hours later and remained in the custody of the Mexico City police pending an investigation.

Source: c4noticiasmx.com.mx, dailymail.co.uk

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