Sinaloa’s Mayo-Yoreme festivities are carried out under strict supervision


Precautions are taken to prevent COVID-19 from spreading

Ahome, Sinaloa.- Operations continue by authorities from the three levels of government, especially in the northern part of the state, where religious celebrations of the indigenous ethnic groups residing in Sinaloa take place.

The police gathered at the ceremonial center of San Miguel Zapotitlán, Ahome.

The director of the State Preventive Police, Joel Ernesto Soto, was in charge of verifying said preventive work and awareness based on the agreement that was previously taken with the members of this ethnic group to carry out their traditions.

Today during the “mask burning” ceremony, a characteristic part of these festivities, the participants stripped off their masks, which marks the end of this festivity.

La fiesta de Semana Santa de los Yoremes en el norte de Sinaloa ...

In addition to the tours, and in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, a brigade entered the temple to carry out the sanitation of this place, since it is expected that during the next activities, the members will be concentrated there, not in large numbers. from the Mayo-Yoreme community.


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