Mexican fashion designer Juan Castaños dies in Navolato, Sonora


Fashion designer and organizer of beauty pageants, Juan Castaños, passed away on Friday April 10th, due to Covid-19 coronavirus.

Originally from Sataya, Navolato’s community, who served as coordinator of Special Events of the Navolato City Council, was reported ill for several weeks, and even on social networks it was known about his disease, although, local WhatsApp groups insisted that he did not have the virus.

Juan Castaños achieved international fame that even led him to dress beauty contestants from Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Peru and Chile, in addition to Mexico.

Once it was made public that Castaños tested positive for COVID-19, the Navolato City Council suspended work and began disinfecting the entire building, fearing that there could be more infected workers.

Even the streets of the Navolato, Sonora municipality have been being sprayed with chlorine by means of pumps provided by farmers, in order to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Source: Línea Directa

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