Despite health alert warning campers still found on Sinaloa beaches


Elements of the Sinaloa Police removed the people who were on the beaches of the municipality of Navolato

A group of people were caught on the beaches of the municipality of Navolato, Sinaloa, so elements of the State Police came to withdraw immediately, due to the restriction that exists due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19.

The state Secretary of Public Security reported that the group of people was detected by air travel through the coastal area of ​​the state, camping on Isla Cortés, a beach in the municipality of Navolato.

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The aircraft personnel requested help on the ground, so some units went to search for them.

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At the site there were three units with around 20 people, among them minors, who played in the sand and who were asked to leave the place and go directly to their homes, otherwise, they could be detained.

The authorities have been touring the beaches, rivers, and waterparks to prevent people from coming in the middle of the contingency and are instructed to send them to the railing in case they do not comply with the recommendations of the police.

Sinaloa residents continue camping in bays despite contingency

Because families cross in boats to camp on islands and bays to spend Easter, it was reported that if these areas are not evacuated, they will be sent to the National Guard and the Army to avoid these types of activities, not allowed due to the health contingency. With the support of helicopters, area surveillance was started along the 600 km of coastline that Sinaloa has to prevent vacationers from entering the beaches, riverbanks, dams and lagoons, areas that are traditionally visited by thousands of people at this time of year.

In the municipality of Guasave , the Municipal Police cross boats in the bay of Navachiste , which is 60 kilometers long and has 16 small beaches, where artistic and cultural events are held every year. The authorities were notified that families, in boats, started the journey to the bay of Navachiste, where each vacation period, thousands of people camped for several days.

Aurelia Leal López, the municipal president, announced that police and members of Civil Protection make tours of the areas of Cerro Cabezón, Carrizo Colorado, Playa del Poeta, Metate and Navachiste, among others. His counterpart from the municipality of Angostura, Aglaee Montoya Martínez, in a video that was uploaded to social networks, sent a message to people who crossed to the islands of Altamura, Isla del Amor and Porfirio to return to their homes and take shelter.

He warned that he notified the National Guard and the Army so that if they do not abide by the restrictions of not being on the beaches, they will be forcibly evicted.

For his part, in a brief message on social networks, the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, said that the death rate from coronavirus in Sinaloa is 7.8%, above the national rate of 3.55% . He asked the population to join the shelter in their homes to prevent the number of infections


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