Sinaloa creates “Murphy” a fast-care ‘robot’ for COVID-19 suspects cases


In order to provide faster and more timely attention to people who suspect they have contracted COVID-19, the Sinaloa Ministry of Public Security, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Government Innovation, created a virtual tool called “Murphy”.

It is a robot which can be added to WhatsApp contacts with the number 6673-59-40-12 where people with suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 can start a test that will allow information to be stored for specialized personnel of the Ministry of Health make a punctual follow-up of those possible cases, as the Call Center previously established in the state works.

Murphy will operate in parallel with this Call Center, but with the advantage of being able to serve more people simultaneously, being a technological instrument.

This virtual robot will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, facilitating the attention of the population, to prevent them from leaving their homes and putting themselves or their families at risk.

All the records obtained by Murphy will be stored and directly linked to the databases of the Sinaloa Ministry of Health, which will be in charge of the next stage, medical care, if necessary.

Murphy has the advantage of making human capital-efficient, since, if it were a joke, the trained personnel would not waste time in their attention as it would happen through the Coronavirus 667-713-00-63 Call Center.

It should be noted that, in the same way, the call made by the authorities to the population is to act responsibly in the face of the health emergency in which the country is, as well as abide by the preventive measures issued by both federal and state.


The Mazatlan Post