Clashes between the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels leave 19 dead in Chihuahua


The shooting occurred on the road from the Chuhuichupa town to the La Norteña ejido

Enfrentamiento armado deja 19 muertos en Chihuahua – Por Esto!

Sinaloa.- A series of confrontations between members of the Juárez and Sinaloa cartels in the municipality of Madera, in the Sierra Tarahumara, left 19 dead.

Asesinan a dos policías en municipio de Madera | EL DEBATE

The last confrontation between the two groups that have been fighting for the place since 2017 occurred on Friday and 19 civilians died in it.

The shooting occurred on the road from the Chuhuichupa town to the La Norteña ejido.

According to the part of the Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office, a call was received to denounce the confrontation in the Chuhuichupa community.

Personnel from the State Investigation Agency attended with detachments from Guerrero, Temosachi, Madera and El Largo Maderal, accompanied by the Expert Services staff.

As they approached, they observed on the dirt road, about 200 meters from Chuhuichupa, lifeless people with impacts of a projectile from a firearm to the face and body.


The bodies wore tactical uniforms and carried assault weapons. At the site they located and secured two trucks also with gunshots: a red Ford-F250 with four doors, and a white RAM truck with four seats.

Along the way, they located nine bodies, eight long weapons, and a squad-type short weapon.

Enfrentamiento entre Cárteles deja 19 muertos en Chihuahua

Eight more bodies in tactical uniforms were located on the side of the road in a wooded area. There they seized four AK-47 and AR-15 assault weapons, as well as a 9-millimeter Ruger brand squad pistol, two active hand grenades without a fuze. There were also hammer caps.

At night, personnel from the State Security Commission and elements of the Mexican Army transferred to the city of Cuauhtémoc two injured civilians who participated in the confrontation. One of them died on the way.

Enfrentamiento entre grupos armados deja 19 muertos en Chihuahua ...

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that the deceased person is in the Topete hospital in Cuauhtémoc. The bodies will be transferred to perform a law autopsy in that same city. The weapons and ballistic evidence were secured by personnel from the expert services.

The La Norteñita ejido is located 90 kilometers from the municipal seat of Madera and borders the state of Sonora, territory that the two groups of the aforementioned cartels maintain in dispute.

On March 27, there was another confrontation in the El Dos ejido, located 70 kilometers from the city of Madera. On that occasion, three men died who were later identified as Gregorio Cobos Téllez, a 44-year-old ex-military man who was nicknamed “El Cobos” or “El Lince”, originally from Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Veracruz, but who lived in Madera .

Enfrentamiento en Madera, Chihuahua, deja 18 muertos - El Sol de ...

Another is Alberto Salazar Moreno, 35, originally from Nezahuacóyotl, in the State of Mexico. According to official information, he arrived in the north of the country to cross into the United States, and he had told his family that he worked serving Uber.

And on the morning of March 11, residents of the El Largo and Mesa del Huracán ejido denounced that members of one of the criminal groups burned the booth at the entrance to the patio of the Mesa del Huracán and, at 7:30 a.m. the same day, they heard shootings on the shore of El Largo Maderal.


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