Sinaloas Famous Fiestas del Mar de Las Cabras is Canceled


For public health, the municipal government of Escuinapa decided to avoid this annual fun meeting that takes place every year during the month of May, and the beaches are also closed for the next 40 days.

Escuinapa de Hidalgo, Sinaloa.- For the first time in Escuinapa the international Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras 2020, whose motto is “Land I Love with All the Soul”, were suspended for this edition, which would take place during the month of May Emmett Soto Grave announced this Tuesday.

The mayor of Escuinapa publicly explained that the recommendations of the Federal and State Health Secretariat is to suspend massive events where the coronavirus pandemic is avoided and spread, since everyone must be protected in their homes, abiding by prevention measures.

“Las Fiestas del Mar de Las Cabras, is the first time that they are going to say, they are going to be canceled, for the first time the Fiestas del Mar de Las Cabras are canceled, why, because still all April and May, and June, It will be the most critical stage of the coronavirus in the country. If we do nothing in these 30 days that the authorities are telling us to stay home, things will get complicated. ”

Safeguarding the health of the people of Escuinapa, emphasized the mayor, is the priority and taking into account that this annual event on the seashore, usually attends between 80 thousand to 100 thousand visitors, for this reason they decided to suspend it this year.

Soto Grave said that the following year it is expected to carry out the international Fiestas del Mar de las Cabras 2021 with greater tranquility and, the people who paid for their branches and parking lots, will be reimbursed for the investment in the following days.

Finally, the municipal president added that Civil Protection and Public Security will discourage tourists from going to the beaches (coast), so they will remain closed for forty days.


The Mazatlan Post