Two deaths in Sinaloa due to coronavirus


Both patients are from Culiacán, they were under medical care in a public hospital, a 85-year-old man and 81-year-old woman, both with chronic diseases.

Today there are 5 new patients: 3 in Culiacán (2 in the hospital and 1 dead) and 2 in Mazatlán (both under isolation protocols at home).

Sinaloa State Health Secretary, Dr. Efrén Encinas, has confirmed that the state recorded two deaths in one day, as a result of the new coronavirus or Covid-19.

In addition, the Sinaloa government commanded by Quirino Ordaz Coppel updated data on the number of people infected, as well as suspicious cases:

1 Los Mochis (Female 53 year-old) 
3 Mazatlán (Male 47 and 42 year-old , Female 55 year-old) 
11 Culiacán (female: 25, 30, 78, 39 y 76; and male: 26, 55, 72, 42, 43 y 42)

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