Few passengers at Mazatlan airport due to coronavirus alert


Sales in local establishments have been affected by the lack of visitors

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The influx of passengers at the Rafael Buelna International Airport has decreased considerably due to the cancellation of flights due to the health alert generated by the Covid-19.

The workers at the airport explained that despite the fact that some flights appeared full when boarding people did not show up mainly due to fear of contagion.

Therefore, airlines are forced to cancel flights, since it is not profitable to travel with only 10 passengers.

Prevention measures

At the Mazatlán airport, necessary preventive measures have been implemented in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, indicated by the health authorities.

Well, there is a medical assessment office and a health review module when boarding and another when passengers arrive.

In both, they are reviewing the health of travelers, for example, if they have any symptoms, as well as checking the temperature.

At the same time, the Paisano Program module of the National Institute of Migration is installed, for the review of international users.

Drop-in sales

This contingency has, in turn, led to a drop in sales at positions inside the airport.

Where merchants declare up to 90 percent less than sales compared to a normal season.

Brenda Espericueta, one of the vendors of the place, considered that this last week has been the most difficult for the tenants of the interior since the flights are minimal.

Many establishments are closed due to the lack of visitors.

Source: debate.com.mx

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