Experts Investigate Causes of Disastrous Mazatlan Trailer Park Fire


The coordinator of Civil Protection was emphatic when pointing out that there were no injured people, only two appraised that remained in the place

Mazatlán, Sin.- In the phase of total quantification of damages and of detecting the ignition point by which the fire that affected American and Canadian tourism was generated and spread, these are the tasks that Expert Services, State and Municipal Civil Protection, also of Mazatlán Firefighters, kept in the Trailer Park wrecked on Thursday night.

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum, reiterated that after the incident there were no injured or intoxicated people, only a couple of adults were treated but they did not need a transfer to a hospital; Regarding the damage registered, 40 mobile homes, five private vehicles, as well as the bungalows with their attachments have been counted.

“We still could not guarantee yet what the origin was, what was the cause that generated this fire, which we could comment on that the fire became very fast due to the conditions that were prevailing yesterday.”

The response time of the relief elements was on time and in good shape, the hydrants worked perfectly, but the issue of the wind and the construction material of the spaces was the trigger for the fire to gain strength quickly.

The head of the Municipal PC thanked the nearby merchants who supported the evacuation of people, mostly older adults.

“It is definitely a necessity to establish a fire operations base in this area, the growth of the city is taking place much to this side, we have many settlements, many subdivisions that are detonating, we have many constructions that have also grown, we have many hotels also on this side ”.

A closer station is needed to react in less time, Ruiz Gastélum acknowledged, taking advantage of the situation, he called on businessmen to join the proposal already made, taking into account the number of buildings that exist in these areas of Mazatlán

Any US Americans with property in the Punta Cerritos Trailer Park that burned: please contact the USA Consular Office at 662.690.3262 in Monterey (Mexico) if you need help. Please pass this to those concerned.

Fortunately, everyone got out safe and had shelter last night. Half the park was destroyed – the people there lost everything including passports, Money, credit cards, clothes, personal belongings – everything.

There will be a collection being taken for clothes, shoes, food, medicines (list to come soon) for those in need. The collection point is Looney Bean in the strip mall of the park. If you are here and can help, please drop off whatever you can spare.


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