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Yucatan number one in coronavirus infections

Statistics reveal that Yucatan leads a table of cases with coronavirus according to the number of its population.

Resultado de imagen de Yucatán número uno en coronavirus a nivel nacional según su población

According to the statistics of positive cases of CoronavirusYucatan leads the table as number one according to its population.

A statistical table shows that the increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in Yucatan has favored the entity’s position as number one nationwide, according to the number of its population.

Yucatan leads a statistical table in coronavirus cases according to the amount of its population.

This statistic refers to when Yucatan only had a report of 17 positive cases of Covid-19, however, on Sunday afternoon the Ministry of Health in Yucatan announced the existence of 2 new cases.

According to the table, the population of Yucatan is 2 million 097 thousand 175 people and having 17 positive cases of the new coronavirus, statistically speaking, 8.1 people per million have coronaviruses.

The Ministry of Health announced that the positive cases in Yucatan are 19.

Despite the fact that other states have more positive cases of Covid-19, the relationship with the number of their population puts them below Yucatan, for example, Jalisco has 36 confirmed cases, out of a total of 7 million 844 thousand 830 people who on average they would be 4.6 infected per thousand people, leaving Yucatan well above Jalisco.

It is worth mentioning that this statistic is alarming since if the escalation of infections by Covid-19 continues in the state, it would drastically affect the health of the majority of Yucatecans.

Prevent more coronavirus in Yucatan

With reference to the above, the population is urged to take the contingency seriously and avoid leaving home to avoid the spread of the virus, as well as to follow the hygiene recommendations that the health authorities make. 

The population is encouraged to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

It is worth mentioning that it is important to keep an eye on the information channels of the Ministry of Health in the state to be informed about how the coronavirus develops in the state.

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