Woman from Durango who resides in Italy sends letter to state governor


Isabel Martínez Rodríguez, is a Mexican from the state of Durango, who has been living in Italy for the last eight years. From Pisa, a city located very close to Florence, in the Tuscany region, Isabel assures that the current situation is really worrying, “the Italian health system is on its knees in the face of the emergency, and Mexico could be too”, she warns.

“I am a Mexican but I have lived in Italy for several years and like me and so many Mexicans who are living here abroad this horrible nightmare has suddenly changed our lives. We are very concerned and very distressed by how the situation is being managed and the little importance that is being given there in Mexico to this very serious PANDEMIC. ”

“Please, Mr. governor, this virus is a serious and real problem and you are the only one who can save and take care of the health of your citizens acting in time, before it is too late”.

“Mexico needs to close its borders, run test controls, otherwise the virus will continue to spread. You cannot keep the exact number of infections if you do not run enough tests to detect it, taking into account that there are many asymptomatic patients and that the virus many times manifests itself within 14 or up to 24 days ”.

“I also ask people to become especially aware of all young people because this virus does not only attack the elderly, but young adults too. People need to take seriously, respect and adopt the social distancing protocols, as well as the rules and precautions they need to follow. I trust you, Mr. governor, and I hope that you will act as soon as possible so you can avoid in Durango, what happened here in Italy and the rest of the world.”

The Mazatlan Post