Lighthouse El Faro viewpoint closed in Mazatlan


The glass viewpoint located on the top of Cerro del Crestón and the bathroom and store services located below will remain closed to the public until further notice, the administration of this Mazatlán tourist attraction announced.

Resultado de imagen de el faro mazatlan

Since Thursday afternoon, it circulated the notice through its social networks in which it announces that it is a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Resultado de imagen de el faro mazatlan

He asked netizens to stay tuned for more information to be released through social media.

With the remodeling that was done in the Crestón hill, in the last year, going up to this site has become not only a sports practice but a tourist attraction where photos of the landscape that the view offers at the top are taken daily.

Resultado de imagen de el faro mazatlan

However, preventive measures to avoid social contact has caused the temporary closure of the glass gazebo.


The Mazatlan Post