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Mazatlan businessmen propose to unify health protocols to avoid business closings due to Coronavirus

In subsequent days, meetings will be held to determine if some establishments will need to close during quarantine or if access and operation will be restricted in them.

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- This morning, more than a hundred businessmen, mainly from the tourism and restaurant sector, met this morning with the Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, and the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fishing (Sedectur), David González Torrentera, to generate a communication about the preventive measures that are proposed to be followed in the face of the CoronaVirus-19 alert.

At this meeting, the attendees suggested formalizing and unifying prevention and action protocols for possible cases of this virus, this in order to guarantee that everyone in the establishments has the necessary knowledge and will carry out effective actions, in order to avoid each one acting on his own without coordination.

At the end of the session, González Torrentera said that after hearing the recommendations and suggestions, they will be analyzed and more meetings will be held, with each specific sector, to make a decision that allows maintaining a balance between health and economy.

“We are talking about airports, how restaurants, casinos, cinemas have to be operated … Given the concern of some businessmen in these sectors and also the problems that the issue of (loss of) jobs would generate, it would be necessary to establish some criteria and action protocols ”.

“We were talking about reducing the influx, cleaning the equipment every time it is used, so we are going to draw up these protocols immediately to sit down with each one of the areas and say ‘hey, in this way we can operate and seek to reduce this impact in its greatest number ‘”, he pointed.

Results and decisions will be revealed later.

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