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The pain of being old in Mexico

The population of adults 65 and older grows in Mexico, however, their health and financial security are becoming increasingly difficult.

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What would have to be the income for a person over 65 years of age to remain independent and can afford the costs per day of existing, living in their own home? The cost would have to be higher if you had to live in a house or apartment paying rent.

In the United States, for the year 2019, they determined the average income of US $ 25,416 that an elderly person with his own house would have to pay and US $ 36,208 to live in a rented house.

In Mexico, it has not been calculated how much an adult over 65 would have to receive to live with dignity, remain independent and enjoy economic security, which implies: the level of income with which an elderly person can cover their basic health needs and those necessary to live without the constraint of having to go to loans or help from family members.

In the list of needs for an adult over 65, household and health care expenses, including treatments and medications that should be considered as part of their needs, must be present.

In Mexico, the expenses to maintain good health are prohibitive for a very high percentage of the elderly, especially for people over 70 and 80, who often lack the resources to allow for acceptable health and well-being.

Who cares for the elderly, protects them and sees for their health? In Mexico nobody. Most of them survive in precarious conditions in which their food and health care are “received” in congested public medical services, without the care or respect for their age. No patience, no decent treatment, or the necessary medications they require. (I refer to the IMSS where my 84-year-old father died of serious medical error at the Magdalena de las Salinas hospital).

Mexico has completely failed to create basic human support for older Mexicans. Not an exploded old man anymore! Enough impunity for criminal elder abuse in Mexico!

Elderly man screams in pain at being cruelly assaulted by his son

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