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Bank accounts will be “Frozen” and seizures for debtors of property taxes in Sinaloa

The head of the Sates revealed that there is a lag in the billing of this tax of 58 percent in Sinaloa

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Gabriel García Coppel, General Director of the Tax Administration System of the State of Sinaloa (Sates), announced that shortly they will proceed with the application of seizures and freeze bank account of debtors of the Urban Property Tax (IPU) In Sinaloa.

He said that they are in negotiations with the 18 municipalities to sign the collaboration agreements and be able to execute the collection according to the law, with the precision that the State will not take commission in this work of recovering overdue portfolio, as it happens with external offices that have been hired

The official revealed that there is a delay in the billing of this tax of 58 percent in Sinaloa, except for the municipality of San Ignacio that shows better percentages, and this without adding the poor collection of drinking water, which both are affecting the allocation of Federal participations for the communes.

“The administrative procedure of execution is the embargo and the assurance of bank accounts, because we want Sinaloa this year not to receive fewer federal participations based on the fall of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax (ISR), but the municipalities are independent, we cannot go collect anything if we do not have their authorization, he said.  

García Coppel informed that Salvador Alvarado, Navolato and El Fuerte have accepted so far, and the interest is that they all join, but with the condition that they are assigned the general portfolio and not only some taxpayers as some mayors have wanted to do.

Finally, he admitted that he does not have the total amount of the overdue portfolio in the Urban Property Tax in the 18 municipalities, only the percentage of 42 percent that they fulfill on the part of the property owners.

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