In Mazatlan, there is no coronavirus due to Princess Cruise Ship


Ministry of Health of Sinaloa calls for calm regarding the arrival of the Princess cruise ship in Mazatlan, where a man became infected with coronavirus and died in California

Culiacán, Sinaloa. – Upon informing about the case of a 71-year-old man who died in California, United States by COVID-19, who recently traveled on the Princess cruise ship, which arrived in Mazatlan on February 17, the Ministry of Health and the Sinaloa Health Services, clarify the following; The 2 thousand 454 passengers and one thousand 116 crew members were subjected to the health and epidemiology protocols upon arrival at the Port of Mazatlan, resulting in no passenger presenting symptoms that could put the health of the Sinaloense population at risk, Dr. Rafael reported Félix Espinoza, Director of Prevention and Health Promotion.

Continúan protocolos de sanidad en arribo de cruceros: Óscar Pérez Barros

He also clarified that an intense research work is maintained with epidemiological authorities of the state of California to have clear and precise information about the incubation times and illness that the patient presented, taking into account that, it is very unlikely that due to the times of incubation that develops the virus, the patient had the virus in their stay in Mexican ports.

In that cruise came 2 thousand 454 passengers and one thousand 116 crew. The corresponding protocols were applied by international health, and we have the evidence that there was no suspicious passenger on that ship on that date of COVID- 19. It is worth clarifying that in Sinaloa we have neither on that date nor on this moment the virus circulates in our state, so we are in contact with international health and the US authorities to have more information about the patient when they started their symptoms, how was their evolution and especially to have the patient’s name to be able to confirm its critical route and have more accurate information, ”he said.

Calls to remain calm

He also confirmed that said cruise sailed from the City of San Francisco on February 11 with the route that took him to the port of Vallarta, from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, then to the port of Mazatlan on February 17 at approximately 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, leaving Sinaloa 10 hours later that same day.

He reiterated that it is important that the Sinaloense population keep calm and continue with the health protocols of their own prevention, taking into account that at the moment the Sinaloa Health Services do not report any suspicious cases of COVID-19 and this virus is not circulating in our entity.

The head of the Sectur added that, in a continuous way, the contact is maintained with the Ministry of Health, the Shipping Companies, with International Health, the Integral Port Administration (API) and the ports of Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, as well as with the FCCA , with the purpose of monitoring the cruises that reach the state.

Pérez Barros emphasized that 163 tourist cruises are scheduled for this year; So far, 30 of them have arrived in Mazatlan, with more than 100,000 passengers on board, generating an economic spill for the order of 6.6 million dollars.

“We hope that this year the arrival of 500 thousand passengers will be exceeded, and we will continue working for the confirmation of new arrivals at the entity’s ports,” he said.

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