Canadian accused of murdering his wife in Merida Yucatan set free


The Canadian Jean PL, accused of murdering his wife Henrietta, was released on Wednesday, after the First Judge of Control of the Oral Justice Center of Mérida, issued in his favor an immediate release after being discharged by specialists in psychiatry and psychology and being made available to the Judge to resolve their legal status.

Resultado de imagen de canadiense acusado de feminicidio

The foreigner was taken before the First Control Judge, in charge of Mr. Antonio Bonilla Castañeda, to carry out the process bonding hearing, after mental health specialists determined that the defendant, about 75 years old , is in conditions to be subject to criminal proceedings.

After being discharged, his legal situation was resolved and when a series of inconsistencies were detected in the investigation file, a no-bond order was issued in favor of the accused of killing his wife Henriette Marie.

The case was heard in the First Control Court, where on January 28, 2020, charges were filed for the crime of femicide and the process linking hearing was scheduled for the 31st of the same month.
However, before deciding on the legal situation of the foreigner, he was channeled to the Yucatan Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation, since he suffered depressive symptoms inside the prison.

The judge ordered the suspension of the deadlines until an opinion was issued regarding the mental health of the accused; Yesterday after he was discharged, the process hearing was continued and he was released for lack of due process.

The Canadian, in an initial hearing, charges were made for the crime of femicide denounced and imputed by social representation and was represented by the public defender in charge of Mr. Baltazar Cherrez Manzanilla.

In the hearing held a series of contradictions were detected between police officers and witnesses, there is a report of the Public Ministry that contradicts the reports made by the agents.

The report to UMIPOL was made by a supposed Commander, but the Public Ministry does not know who it is or how he learned of the facts. The policeman who said knew English and who interviewed the Canadian only has 40 percent knowledge in that language and did not prove to be a Tourist Police, nor did he prove to have sufficient knowledge of the English language.

In the same way no one recognized the victim’s body, it is not known if she is the wife of the accused, the Public Ministry had the opportunity to-do an investigation with the witnesses who said they knew them, but it was not done.

In these circumstances, the Judge ordered the immediate freedom of the accused and the investigating authority will have to continue with the investigation and find evidence to support the accusation.

In the facts, which are in the investigation file, it is stated that on January 14 between 2:20 p.m. and 6:20 p.m., Jean Paul allegedly deprived his wife Henriette of life, since he was in the room of his property located on 69th Street between 74 and 76 of the Centro, which he injured with a knife, as well as a connection cable of a vacuum cleaner held her by the neck until she stopped breathing.

The woman was about 85 years old when she was killed. The cause of death was mechanical asphyxiation by strangulation. Now the Public Ministry will have to continue investigating the matter, so that this crime is not unpunished, for now, the alleged perpetrator was released.


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