Mazatlan street vendors will not move from their locations


The Eighth District Judge granted last Monday the definitive suspension to the merchants around the Pino Suarez market, and cannot be withdrawn by the municipal authority

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Eleven of the sellers of semi-fixed positions located in the perimeter of the municipal market “José María Pino Suárez” in Mazatlan can no longer be removed from their work areas by municipal authorities, announced Rosario Torres Noriega, the legal representative of the plaintiffs.

Torres revealed that the 8th District Judge granted on Monday, March 2, the definitive suspension of the Amparo trial that the merchants had raised a few weeks ago; consequently, they can continue working where they were before they were removed or else, the authorities would be breaking the law.

“They will not be relocated, they will not be confiscated their merchandise, their work tools, their positions and they will not be deprived of liberty either.”

The sellers also said they agree that the port looks pretty faces for tourism and the local community, so they promised to carry out 4 points of improvement in their positions and employees of shops, said Braulio Pérez Martínez.

“Keep the four sides of our posts permanently clean and healthy, that it is about making the image uniform in all the posts and that the canvases have images of emblematic, historical and tourist sites; that we all wear the same uniform, visible badge, gloves, hair mesh ”.

However, they denounced that during the weeks that they were protected, they suffered from daily harassment of elements of the Chief of Staff so that they were removed, so Armando Verdugo Henderson, a lawyer who also takes the case, announced that he is already taking Make a claim for it.

“There is already one committed, which is what we have today typified? The one that marks the first fraction of article 262 of the Amparo Law, and if tomorrow three inspectors try to withdraw or harass again, three more crimes will be made and thus the accumulation ”.

During the press conference, one of the vendors present took the opportunity to issue a clarification where he indicated that his legal representative Rosario Torres, at no time used the name of a political party to work with them.

Similarly denied that the litigator Luis Antonio Aguilar Colado has managed to win the first protection they used, since previously this person declared that thanks to him the legal procedure had been granted.

Source: linea directa

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