Sinaloa seeks to enter into Avocado production


Codesin pushes a pilot plan to produce and market Sinaloa avocado due to the high demand of the product

Resultado de imagen de aguacate de sinaloa

Codesin studies the feasibility of avocado production in Sinaloa in a pilot plant that will depend on market availability, said the president of the Sinaloa Development Council, Central-North Zone, Humberto Andrade Gámez, who He pointed out that about eight hectares have already been established in the municipalities of Guasave and Sinaloa to see the possibilities of producers entering this crop.

Resultado de imagen de aguacate de sinaloa

Andrade Gámez indicated that they are in the stage of technical study of the vegetative development and later one will be carried out to determine if there would be a market for the Sinaloa avocado, they also work together with the Ciidir, Fundación Produce, and the Cesavesin to determine which regions would be the most suitable for the development of the plant of the Hass and San Miguel varieties.

“We are working on knowing in what areas it will be more viable to do it in a more massive commercial way, right now it is a pilot plan that does not exceed eight hectares among all collaborators, practically in the center-north is the project he said.

Resultado de imagen de aguacate de sinaloa

The president of Codesin in the north-central zone, said that at the end of the year they would already have the results of a marketing study that would allow producers to make decisions based on the opening of the market, said that this year they will also determine if the Project is technically viable.

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