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Dirty busses without prevention against Covid-19 in Mazatlan

Alliance of trucks forced to drivers to bring clean the units by Coronavirus

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Public transport users in Mazatlan, have reported that urban trucks remain dirty despite recommendations on prevention against Covid-19 coronavirus, therefore, the president of the Alliance of Urban Busses Urbanos, Faustino Mejía Chávez, said that all drivers are obliged to keep the units in optimal condition once they finish, start and finish their route.

“The drivers are obliged to bring them clean, but if anyone gets out of control and if they make the complaint quickly we will do it; they have to bring them clean and not only of these cases (coronavirus), it is always, you must bring your unit with proper cleaning, ”he urged.

The reports of some users is that the floor of the unit is full of dust; bad smells, spit on seats and floor; windows with dust and garbage between the seats, for that reason, Mejía Chavez reiterated the invitation to denounce the unit to the number of the Alliance of Busses that is 982-22-87 and 982-40-56.

“The units have a cleaning role, we have laundry and everything, they do that review and it is not right now, but if there is any extraordinary situation that we are not aware, we will attend immediately, if there is a complaint of a vehicle that is dirty or in unsuitable conditions, as quickly as possible we attend it, ”he said.

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