These are some of the main investment incentives in Mexico


Mexico is looking to grow its economy through greater foreign investments. To help generate greater investments from around the world, the state has introduced multiple policies to make it easier to set-up and run a business in Mexico. These incentives include:

  • Tax payment reductions in the manufacturing sector.
  • Reduced real estate pricing.
  • Free trade zones that offer some of the lowest duties on import-export.
  • Reduced custom duties and regulatory/administrative benefits.

Mexico is a thriving economy that is sure to develop into one of the largest in the world very soon. Given global economic dynamics, everyone needs to move out of the conventional economic powerhouses and into emerging nations which have often been insulated against global economic shocks. 

With a stable financial sector, low costs of production and the incentives offered to foreign investors, you should think about investing in Mexico. For tax purposes, you should also apply for a Mexican residency to take advantage of the economic opportunities offered by the country. 

Source: EA

The Mazatlan Post