TV y Novelas 2020 Awards will be in Mazatlan


The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, and the television producer, Eduardo Suárez, announced the ceremony of the TvyNovelas Awards, which will take place next Sunday, March 29 at the Convention Center of Mazatlan.

Officially announce the TvyNovelas 2020 Awards;  will be in Mazatlan

At a press conference, Benitez Torres said that because of its culture, its archeology and its gastronomy, beyond being a destination of sun, beach and sand, Mazatlan is the appropriate place for the awards to the best of Televisa’s programming .

He stressed that the popularity of these awards, which attract the attention of Latin America and the United States, was useful to take advantage of their prestige to synergize with the dissemination of the benefits of Mazatlan.

“The fact of combining the growth that Mazatlan is having as a tourist destination, by the numbers they heard, was ideal to strengthen and make a strategic alliance with TvyNovelas Awards, to publicize what is happening in Mazatlan. It is in the mouth of everything the world, “said Chemist Benitez.

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