Lands in Los Cabos is held by 19 ejidos; 66% of the territory of BCS is ejidal


66% of the territory of Baja California Sur is ejidal, in the entity there is the largest distribution by ejidatarios of the country

Resultado de imagen de los cabos ejidatarios

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS) . When participating in a radio interview, the director of Real Estate Baja Land Finder, Ignacio Martínez explained that in Baja California Sur there are 99 ejidos and, in the municipality of Los Cabos alone, there are about 102,000 hectares. 

“In Baja California Sur there are 99 ejidos, which make up 66% of the area, it is more the average of Baja California Sur and part of it is with the least amount of ejidatarios in the country, let’s say that the distribution here by ejidatarios is greater than in the whole country. In Los Cabos, in particular, there are 102,000 hectares in the hands of ejidos; 102,000 hectares with 19 ejidos, ”he said in his participation with Al Cabo Noticias

In that sense, the specialist said that these types of properties have an ancient history, same that come from pre-Hispanic times, however, their birth originated in 1915. 

“The ejidos make up 42% of the total area of ​​the country, and we live 25% of Mexicans on land that is or was ejido; in the real estate business that gives you relevance, we are talking about 42%, ”he said.   

As for the procedure for the sale of ejidos, Ignacio Martínez explained that a hard assembly is required, in which 75% of the ejidatarios have to agree, then a raffle is made and the possession is recognized.     

Once the procedures established by the law are complied with, the property can be sold; He also explained that ejidos cannot be established in forests or rainforests. 

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