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From Netflix … Cuervos Negros Soccer Club could be a reality in Mazatlan

According to ESPN this could come true, as Cuervos is an already positioned brand, synonymous with shirt sales

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In a world in which reality surpasses fiction, a new chapter of it is being cooked in the port, since the fictional Club Cuervos Salvajes de Nuevo Toledo that stars in a successful Netflix series, could play in Liga MX and its headquarters would be nothing more and nothing less than Mazatlan.

According to ESPN journalist John Sutcliffe, businessmen would buy a place to create this team and turn it into reality to compete for the championship of the highest circuit in the country.

The renowned international journalist explained that if so, Mazatlan would not have to buy a team, because the MX League would be opening to 20 teams, of which one would be new (Cuervos Negros of Mazatlan) and another would be the one that ascends in May on the MX Ascent.

On the other hand, Cuervos Negros could also play in Puebla in a “barter” that would involve two parties: Camoteros del Puebla would go to Mazatlan to play, while the port would free the opportunity to create a new team, which would take advantage of the city from Puebla.

John Stucliffe pointed out that the decision to bring the Cuervos Negros Club to reality would be that today the shirt of this team is one of the most sold in Mexico, although it is only a fictional team.

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