Mexico opportunities for the real estate sector in 2020


This year will bring new opportunities for real estate actors, and Cushman & Wakefield exposes how this industry is renewed.

In Mexico, it is time for changes and in the real estate sector, new opportunities arise because companies seeking new requirements to reinforce the functionality of real estate and provide a better experience for corporate users.

According to Federico Alcocer, executive vice president of Cushman & Wakefield, “thanks to the relative oversupply we are going through, a large number of corporations are taking advantage of the situation to go out to the market and find high-quality buildings with LEED certification, modern infrastructure, technology and cutting edge operational efficiency. It is a phenomenon of Fly to Quality, that is, they improve their facilities at a lower total operating cost. ”

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The real estate firm also offers landlord and tenant representation, project and development management, property management, valuation and consulting, capital markets, investment management, and real estate assets, among others.

By providing these services, it has positioned itself as a leading company in the sector, since with its experience it has managed to guide investors, developers, owners and tenants in Mexico and Central America, to visualize the opportunities, and thus create firm returns and portfolios.

Growth by sectors

In this sense, thanks to research and analysis of the real estate market, Cushman & Wakefield estimates that for this year the tourism sector will continue to have a strong market presence, particularly in Merida, Baja California Sur, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun.

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With respect to the office segment, the consultancy exposes that rental prices have been reduced, which represents an advantage for those seeking a new headquarters for their operations. In fact, in recent years there has been a propensity towards better-located offices or with optimal benefits.

This trend has driven the creation of better locations, an example of this is the inventory of Class A offices, which amounts to 6.67 million square meters (m²) profitable, with about 1.04 million square meters of profitable available in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Valle de Mexico, which means a vacant rate of 15.6%.

However, the office occupation needs have also been modified, since previously, companies occupied 15 m² per person, but now with the flexibility to work as the home office, corporations use between 8 and 10 m² per person.

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Por otra parte, el mercado inmobiliario comercial presentará mayor desarrollo en Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez y Monterrey, pautado también por el crecimiento de la urbe.

In its third-quarter Marketbeat Industrial report, Cushman & Wakefield reports that Monterrey has increased job creation and is the entity with the highest job certainty, even above Mexico City, Baja California and Aguascalientes. In addition to this, the manufacturing market will remain very active in that city.

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Los Cabos

Finally, for the mixed-use market, growth is expected to continue in the main metropolises of the country: Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City.

In addition to this development, there is a tendency in the sector to include LEED Certification in buildings, as well as the implementation of accessibility and inclusion features for all segments of the population, objectives in which Cushman & Wakefield helps its customers.

The firm also indicates that by 2020 companies must implement better workplace experiences, so the integration of new technologies will be basic.

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The recommendation of Cushman & Wakefield is that companies that have lease maturities in the coming years, take advantage of this market cycle and go out in search of their new headquarters.


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