Migrant shelter in Tijuana forced to shut down


TIJUANA, Mexico (Border Report) — Hotel Migrante, which provides shelter for about 50 deported migrants and homeless people in Tijuana, has been without electricity for more than a week now due to lack of funds, La Jornada reported.

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico (Archive)

Service was cut off on Jan. 27 and the Mexican nonprofit that runs the shelter is still looking for funds to pay past-due bills adding up to 11,000 pesos ($611), the newspaper reported.

Shelter operators are asking the governor of Baja California for help in restoring electrical service and some Salvadoran migrants are helping out by baking “pupusas,” which are flatbread stuffed with cheese, pork and other ingredients, to raise money.

Shelter operators say they have been unable to pay their bills since the Mexican government stopped emergency aid, yet they say shelters in nearby Mexicali are still getting government assistance, La Jornada reported.

Source: krqe.com