Anticipated effects on Mazatlan tourism and trade due to increased toll road fees


The counselor of the Concanaco demanded that if the tolls go up the road conditions need to be improved

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The increase of 3% in the quotas of the highways of the country from this Wednesday, could affect the arrival of tourism via road and commerce; warned the vice president of Concanaco, Oscar Tirado Bernal.

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He said that the increase in toll fees has a direct impact on trade, because much of the merchandise moves along the road, which makes costs more expensive, and in tourism, the trips that your thinking of making cost will deter some trips

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You get the increments and this makes people angry and suddenly you can stop making plans to travel by road to some destination on the weekend holidays, and that affects Mazatlan because most of it arrives by road.

Tirado Bernal

He commented that the increase in toll rates causes inconvenience to travelers because they are excessive fees and also that there are sections of road that are in poor condition, therefore if there is an increase, it must be required to be reflected in better roads

Many roads are not in optimal conditions, you are paying to travel in a safe way and especially on a road that is in the best possible conditions, and many times it is not so, then there is a discontent of Mexican society because transit through the Country roads are expensive and not always in the safest way. 

Tirado Bernal

Tirado Bernal, he said that the Mazatlan-Culiacán and Mazatlán-Durango highways are where the largest number of tourists traveling to the destination pass, and with the high charges, the economic spill is likely to decrease.

In addition, he added that, with this increase in booths, bus fares will also increase.

According to the announcement made by the National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin), it was announced that the roads managed by Caminos y Puentes Federales (Capufe), motorists traveling the entire route of the Mazatlan-Durango highway will now pay 19 pesos more, at go from 629 to 648 pesos.

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The most expensive booth on that route, which is that of Coscomate, which includes the Piloncillo junction to Saint Lucia, the cost increases from 306 to 315 pesos; and in the Mesillas collection plaza, from Santa Lucia to Villa Unión, the increase is from 161 to 166 pesos.

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According to the information, the rates increase for buses of 2, 3 and 4 axles, as well as for trucks with 2 to 9 axles and the Limón de los Ramos (Culiacán Bridge) and Cuatro Caminos (Sinaloa Bridge) are exempt. since they are not part of the National Infrastructure Fund Network.

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