Another expat dies in Merida


Canadian citizen drowns in a pool at his home in downtown Mérida

Canadian citizen Neal S., 76 years old, who lived in Calle 66 # 388, (between 41 and 43), downtown Mérida, was found lifeless in his swimming pool on the aforementioned address.

Around 12:30 pm on Friday, January 31st, the wife of the deceased, Jackie D., 65, an American citizen by the way, said she was bathing in the pool with her husband, but at one point she went to the corner store, and when she returned to the house, known as “Casa Jaqueline” (which the couple was leasing for the winter), she found the body of his spouse floating in the pool, so she immediately notified the authorities.

The patrol car 6427 of the Ministry of Public Security, assigned to Centro, went to the site, the police officers interviewed the widow, for which they required the support of a translator officer, and confirmed that the information was truthful; subsequently, they cordoned off the area, and requested the presence of the forensics experts.

Calle 66 # 388, (between 41 and 43), downtown Mérida (Photo: Por Esto)

Two versions emerged: the first one is that the man suffered a heart attack and when he fell into the pool was already dead. The second version is that he went into the pool, suffered a heart attack while in the water, and drowned.

It should be noted that the furniture of the property was in order, there were no signs of struggling, fighting or signs of violence, however, authorities declared that they must wait for the result of the autopsy to find out the cause of death.

Source: the yucatan times

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