18 Mexican students escape coronavirus outbreak in China arrive in Guanajuato


The young people went through three revisions before arriving in the state, one of them in Korea, where they made a stopover, another in Mexico City and the last one at the Guanajuato airport.

After 2 in the afternoon, scholarship students from Guanajuato arrived at the Bajio International Airport from China. There were 18 young people transferred, nine master’s and nine more undergraduates, after the state government in coordination with Educafin supported his return after the coronavirus alert that crosses the Asian country.

The students went through three sanitary inspections before arriving in Guanajuato, one was in Korea, another in Mexico City and one more in the state airport, which were quick reviews since only the temperature was checked, in order to check that did not present fever.

The young people were in three different cities, locating Korea as a meeting point before their return, but on two different flights, thus making about 36 hours of travel from China, to reach Guanajuato with their families.

Source: milenio

The Mazatlan Post