Spanish company could open a plant in Mazatlan


Mazatlan.- With an investment of approximately 20 million euros, the company Molecor Technology, manufacturer of oriented PVC pipes, and current world leader in the sector, could open a plant in Mazatlan.

A team representing the company and officials of the Mazatlan government analyze this possibility in Madrid, where a Sinaloa delegation participated in the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) 2020.

David González Torrentera, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlan, led a tour of the plant located near Madrid, to show the production line of this company that was founded in 2006.

The official said that entrepreneurs are interested in investing in the installation of a plant in Mexico, a very important market, since the cost of exporting their product from Spain is burdensome.

Molecor Technology is a sustainable company, which does not use any fossil fuel, works on electric power and has a zero waste program, since all the waste generated by the tube melts is reused.

Molecor Technology high executive Dolores Serrano expressed their interest in establishing a plant in Mazatlan like the one they have in South Africa, so they can stop exporting from Spain and become competitive by producing locally.

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