Round-Trip Flights to Mexico Have Dropped to $195



It’s been an outstanding couple of weeks to dig up a cheap flight. In addition to the recently highlighted cheap flights to Hawaii and Cancún, you can currently land yourself a round-trip flight to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico for less than $200. 

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It’s not a specific sale from an airline. Prices are just really low right now. The cheapest among them will get you a round-trip flight to Puerto Vallarta for $195. That ought to leave you enough cash to do damn near whatever you want on your unexpected vacation. As highlighted by Scott’s Cheap Flights, the deals are primarily to be found on fares from January to April of this year. Though, the timing on the cheapest trips depends on your city of origin. 

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Here are a few of the cheapest round-trip flights available. All of the prices were found through Google Flights

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  • from Baltimore: $269
  • from Chicago: $299
  • from Dallas: $268
  • from Denver: $278
  • from Houston: $298
  • from Las Vegas: $268
  • from Los Angeles: $257
  • from Miami: $281
  • from New York: $287
  • from Phoenix: $195
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